One the tourist both for sight seeing, swimming, snorkeling the most beautiful corrals in gulf of Siam and diving at the most natural and safest tour with professional staff are there to guard and provide you with the standard safety through-out the tour trip islands namely KOH THA LU, KOH SUNG. KOH SIGNH with following packets.
Packet : 02 days and 01 night
Packet : 03 days and 02 nights

01 st DAY.
13:00 - 18:00 Hrs : Register on arrival and go to your accomodation and enjoy & relax yourself at your most coveneince, swimming, sight seeing, beach walking.
18:00 Hrs : The most delicious time for dinner.

02 nd DAY.
07:00 Hrs : Enjoy your breakfast at BOONCHU BANGBURD RESORT restaurant.
08:30 Hrs : Departure from BBR to Koh Tha-lu, Koh - Singh, Koh - Sung for snorkeling, diving to see the most beautiful corrals and varieties of colourful fishes.
11:30-12:30 Hrs : Enjoy your on boat lunch with delicious meals provided by BBR.
13:00 hRS : Return accomodation keys & have a nice on your returning trip. ( End of packet tour of 02 days & 01 night )
** For single bed room 02 persons stay cost : 1,080 baht **
** For single bed room 04 persons stay cost : 990 baht **

16:00 Hrs : Trip to visit His Royal Hihgness local project and puchese local products which produced by HRH project staff and walk around the botanical garden in the area.
17:00 Hrs : Trip to Keaw Prasert Temple ( Tha-aad ) to worship JAOW MAE KOAN-IMM, LORD KANESH, Gromloung Chumporn Khetudomsak as per individual interest.
18:30 Hrs : Enjoy your night dinner at BBR restaurant.
( This packet of 20 persons provide with free KERAOKE )

03 rd DAY.
07:00 Hrs : Enjoy your last day trip with BBR at the same place.
08:00 Hrs : Enjoy your most precious time at BBR as if your own private area whereby you can relax as you like, play beach volley ball, foot ball or any activities as you wish.
11.30 Hrs Enjoy your lunch at BBR restaurant.
12:00 Hrs : End of the trip return the accomodation keys and have a nice safe trip on your return. SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT TIME. *** BON VOYAGE***
** For single bed room 02 persons stay cost : 1,970 baht.**
** For single bed room 040persons stay cost : 1,780 baht.**